Saturday, January 26, 2008

The reason why I create this blog.

"First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win. " -- Gandhi

This is not my first blog, but my first English blog. In my Chinese blog, I never mentioned that I'm a HBV carrier. Now, I am writing my first post as one of 120 million HBV carriers in China. At the moment, I have a feeling that I was chose by fate to setup an English blog, which will be focusing on HBV discrimination in China. For so many years, I've kept silence and done nothing for the course of eliminating HBV discrimination in China. Now I come to realize that every single one of HBV carriers must fight for our due rights.

About Me

Work: I am now out of work and I hope I'm just between jobs.
Sex: Male
Age: Almost 30 years old
Major: B.A. of Computer Science
Location: Everywhere in China. For security reason, I've edited the entry to conceal myself.

My HBV history: I first found out I was a HBV carrier when I was about 11 years old. And my liver function is normal, that is, no need to take any treatment, just to take a regular physical examination twice a year. More accurately, I am healthy and I suffered a lot spiritually because of HBV discrimination in China instead of physically.

Why i choose to host my blog?

As a matter of fact, I have no other choice. Censorship in China is rampant. For some security reason, I have to conceal myself, or someone unexpected will knock my door and invite me to their place to have a thorough talk. You know what I mean. Though they won't put me to prison, the blog won't be updated any more without any doubt.

If I chose a Chinese blogging service provider, my post will be censored and some of my post will be deleted mysteriously. If you want to know more about censorship in China, you may search The Great Firewall in Google to get details of the toppest filtering system in the world. Unfortunately, you can find all cutting-edge filtering technology in China. Wow, how excited! And I have to tell you another fact that people in China can't read this blog for has been banned for so long, long enough to forget the accurate date, and I have to use proxy to access this blog too.


Anonymous said...

Well Done!

CS said...

Not bad. English version of china's hbv job discrimination situation is very important.